Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Smart, gorgeous, successful reporter talks about a colossal scandal or something

I may be a little bit in love right now. Bethany McLean, a great writer for Fortune Magazine, appeared on C-SPAN's "Q&A" interview program Sunday, discussing her reporting on the Enron meltdown and the new documentary based on a book she co-authored with another Fortune scribe. You can check out the article that started it all here. I'd really like to tell you more about the book, McLean's clarity as a writer, the superiority of this documentary versus the synthetic piece of crap which ran a couple years back on TV, but, I'd rather just make a cheap joke about some make-believe relationship we'll never have. It might go a li'l sumthin like this:

Me: "Bethany, before my parents come over, you think you could describe to me again how Enron managed to swindle shareholders and make a fiction of business ethics by overstating profits and spreading capital around to a variety of front companies, turning this Houston corporation into not only an abuser of the public trust but also a symbol of the hubris which pervaded the business climate of the late 90's and continues to affect investor behavior today?"

Bethany McLean: "Oh, just shut up and do me, loser."

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