Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Powered Up!

France will soon be home to the world's first Fusion Power Plant. The price tag, up to $10 Billion, $eem$ a $mall price to pay to resolve a global energy $hortage. And France, whose seemingly uncurable penis-envy encourages overpriced boondoggles heedless of cost, is happy to let their big d**ks flap in the wind on this one.

Though this project $eem$ nece$$ary to provide industry with $u$tainable energy, why not reduce domestic energy consumption with current (read: cheap) technology? We have the technology to build housing that contributes electricity to the grid, cars that go hundreds of miles to a gallon, and urban living options that encourage healthier, less car-intensive lifestyles. Perhaps reducing per-capita energy consumption doesn't $ufficiently $alve French pride like a fancy reactor, but we cheap Anglo-Saxons can't justify a MULTI-BILLION dollar expenditure on UNPROVEN specifications in the absence of a Space Race.

Fortunately, immediate spikes in fuel costs may have forced the English-speaking world to come to terms with poorly built homes, gas guzzling SUV's, and 45 mile commutes. We may very soon find a market-driven solution to our global energy crisis.

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