Monday, June 27, 2005

Posting at Work

It was a long week, there's no two ways about it. On top of a 40 page (not including the 40 pages of XLS's) analysis I had to complete for the Technocracy, I also spent a full-work week on HyperActive Technologies, which you can check out in the post below. All in all, from Monday to Sunday, it was a good 85 hours of work which, with about 42 hours of sleep and a lease signing that took the better part of forever, left me with a total of 36 hours for cooking, cleaning, West Wing, guitar, and debauchery. You can guess which of those fell by the wayside.

And so I sit here at work, with my feet dragging a little bit. Monday starts off a little tediously, with a staff meeting, some web updates I have to make, and a daily clip report. I usually try and get in early on Monday to get my normal chores out of the way before the 8am staff meeting that doesn't start until 8:20, but today I slept until 7pm and didn't even finish my bagel before the troops started marching to the rendezvous.

I figure I can get away with some ranting, since I didn't really have much me-time last week. Hopefully this week will be lighter, but since I have been working so much last week, and even the week before, I'm behind on an every-month duty which is going to keep me occupied a couple nights this week. But other than that, work should be some copywriting, including a client's new press kit, some web overhauls, maybe a little analysis, and a time to catch my breath.

If you called me for my birthday last week, thank you. If I didn't talk long, I apologize. If you didn't call, don't open any suspicious packages.

Playing in the background: Strawberry Fields Forever
Coffee status: warm enough to drink
Mood: tired but resolute
Status: disorganized


erin said...

I left you a comment on your blog! Does that count?

love you, little brother,

Write Your Wrong said...

i love you.