Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monkey Incorporates Less Poop Into Art Than Warhol, Outsells Him

Congo, the artistically talented (just go with it.) chimp whose work has appeared in galleries and on TV since he first broke on the scene in the 1950's, had some of his abstract impressionist paintings sold at a London auction yesterday. Bidders passed on the Renoirs and Warhols, also on the block, while opting instead for the drawings of a confused, incarcerated primate that threw paint on a canvas in exchange for colored food pellets. The lucky winner (?), American Howard Hong, paid $26,352 for Congo's stuff, a princely sum for the life's work of an artist who slept in a tire swing and had a morbid fear of vacuum cleaners.


erin said...

Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Andy!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!


Lowly Scribe said...

Anybody willing to spend $26k on monkey art needs a WAY better financial advisor.