Monday, June 06, 2005

Michael Jackson

Is anyone else shamelessly refreshing Google News awaiting the verdict? I think the thrill will wear off by tomorrow.

I hope he gets off, and I hope he sells a billion albums because of it. I don't like him, but if a man can be convicted by the kind of testimony we saw in that trial, no one is safe.


CorsicaFire said...

The way Hollywood and the twisted media are set up, you can almost guarantee that he WILL come out of this on top ;)

BlackRose said...

I have never liked Jackson, I think he's a freak and I really do think he's done some things that he shouldnt have gotten away with but that's not really everyone's business. The case is a horror. I havent really been keeping up with it lately but honestly, what kind of a case is the whole thing becomming!