Friday, June 17, 2005

I'll kick off the Friday posting

While next-blogging across the universe, I came across this fairly lengthy post. And while more than a 100 words will usually turn me off, I kept reading due to its good-natured cynicism that I try to make my religion. It's a list of pop culture trends the dude doesn't understand, kicking off correctly with Chris Moneymaker's shit-eating grin.

And speaking of top 10's, stay tuned for my LTE that will be coming out in the next edition of CRN magazine. I will post the letter once I see it in print.

This article about the a trend of child sacrifice in Britain is sure to shiver your timbers. It's made all the creepier by the oh-so-appropriate United Airlines ad. Reminds me of the time when I was news editor of The Tartan and we ran a picture of a couple Goodyear blimps buzzing the Cathedral of Learning on the anniversary of September 11 without thinking too closely about it. Not that thinking about it would have changed my mind -- I'm a sensationalist to the core.

Finally, here's some short stories. I haven't read them but I made a note. Let me know if they are good.


funshine said...

the short stories are uhm...religious in nature. well written, but really not my thing.

he seems like such an idealist; i wish i could be an idealist. seems like more fun than what i am now...

Daingerous said...

I've seen better characterization on a Denny's place mat. The writing is crap.