Friday, June 10, 2005

Hungry and Mad

On a sunny day in Pittsburgh, I arrived at work ready for a long day fueled by coffee and a bowl of Total. I skipped the deli downstairs and Bruegger's in favor of the cheaper alternative that I keep at work. Confident in my cereal and milk stock, I arrived.

And while I tend to refrain from commenting on day-to-day work, because I've seen what can happen, and what can happen, I think I'm safe complaining about my co-workers shameless milk filching. The first time I stuck a couple quarts of milk in the fridge, I noticed that milk levels declined quite a bit more rapidly than they should have. So I resolved on my next milk purchase to clearly mark my milk with skulls and crossbones and admonishments not to take. See, I figured that co-workers just assumed it was communal, because we do have various things that we share in the fridge, like other milk and coffee creamer.

Alas, this strategy has now been proven a failure. Much like a fraternity house, nothing is safe around here. There's no way my co-workers could have missed the signage all over the jug, and so I must rethink my strategy. There's obviously no complaining over a $2 jug of milk to the boss.


Andrew D. Appleyard said...

When I was in my one year of Junior High, peopled shared lockers. In one case this guys locker mate kept taking the other guys candy etc.
He cured that, He took his candy and pissed on it and put it back in the locker. Problem solved

tina2005 said...

Yuck!! Guess he was really pissed off. **relates to... better to be pissed off...than pissed on**

AsianSmiles said...

try making it appear 'dirty'.

put smudges of lipsticks on the bottle cap and lid, smudge some chocolates on the cap or handle, drippings of coffee, fingerprints, etc.

remember not to put your name on the bottle tho.


Doug Alder said...

Oh hell - just put a quart in there with your name and usual warnings on it and heavily salt the milk - enough to make it thoroughly unpalateable. Remember not to use any yourself and when you hear someone bitching, or retching, ask them why they were taking milk that clearly wasn't theirs and marked as such? :-)