Saturday, June 11, 2005

Don't Follow The Money

Though you will probably find the most interesting tidbit in this column to be that neither Woodward, Bernstein, nor Felt ever said "Follow the Money," I think all two pages of it are full of keen Democratic incite. Frank Rich puts the current Republicans and the Nixon's criminal gang under the light which they so richly deserve, especially following their hypocritcal attacks on Bob Felt and the media conspiracy to lend these criminals credibility. Even current Republicans, in their unwillingness to join largely Democratic praise of Bob Felt, are decidedly allied with evil.

But we knew the Nixon jailbirds and the neo-conservative war-mongers were evil. What we were kind of half sure of was the extent to which the media is an easily manipulable propaganda engine (or even conspiring with the propagandists). Now we know; like Rich says, when the media fails to question pundits about their jail time and crimes in the same way these pundits question Bob Felt's heroism, they facilitate Republican double-talk.

So to recap: current and past Republicans evil. Television and big newspapers either evil or dumb. Democrats good. Felt hero. Nixon aides lack credibility.

I just hope Howard Dean knows what he's doing.

And as a final note, my Justin Onyeka post is showing up high in Google which makes me happy.

Good lord, this didn't come out like I wanted. Someone edit this, please God.

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