Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chinese Man Whacked Over Virtual Whacking Stick

I guess when the law offers no protection for your virtual weapons, all that is left is to take matters into your own hands. In massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), virtual economies actually evolve. For example, in Everquest, the monetary unit the "platinum piece" was actually trading at higher values than many world currencies, some equipment in the game would fetch hundreds of dollars, and high-level accounts would fetch thousands. None of this is condoned by any of these games, though I find it hard to believe the companies wouldn't want this great marketing for their games. It's just a legal issue.

MMORPGs and virtual economies began with Ultima Online, in which people even owned virtual dwellings and land. I'm surprised, if they haven't, that economists aren't using these virtual worlds to study economics and the rational choice.

I quote from the story, "After Zhu refused to return the item or pay compensation, Qiu went to his home and stabbed him in the heart, according to the report."

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funshine said...

well, its finally happened - i visited your blog (aside from that obligatory first time when you told me about it and i think i might have bookmarked it at home or something, but...yeah)!

i'm at a new job now where the network nazis prevent me from visiting the sites i frequented at my old job - blizzard sites, WoW forums, WoW strategy sites, basically anything video game related, even webmail! and obviously, aim is out of the question. oh, the horror. anyway i'm looking for new sites to visit, forums to troll. entertain me please.

sorry i've been so distant, but you know, when i get home from my 40 mile (in LA traffic = 1.5-2 hrs) commute, its really not the time for me to chat with...well, anybody not currently in my life, to be honest.

how weird is it that i came across your blog the same day that you talked about mmorpg's? let me just take this moment to say that i love WoW. in fact, i think i am going to relinquish anything that remotely resembles a social life for awhile (i did this back during release for a few months, but have been relatively 'normal' and going out and stuff lately) so that i can level up my new character, an undead mage named pumpkin.

btw, when people ebay items or gold, they're not ebaying the thing itself - the sword or the ingame gold or whatever - they're selling time spent earning/farming for the item!! well, at least that's what the disclaimer says...

not that i have ever purchased ebay in game items. though i did briefly consider selling my first character, a well equipped priest - but the few hundred dollars i would have gotten for her wouldn't be worth the few hundred hours i have invested into playing her, imo...

sorry for rambling.