Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tappin' the Beat

Life is sort of like music I think. For it to go well at all, your first off need a beat. Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. And then once you have that and the foot's tapping steadily (still got it? bum bum bum bum) then you can start to do other things. You can get some chords going, and then you can connect the chords with notes, and you can embellish on the chords. And you can mess with the rhythm, maybe swing the 8ths or hit the bass on the downbeat.

But first you need that beat, and you've got to be aware of that beat. You shouldn't have to concentrate on the beat -- you internalize it -- but you need to be aware and you gotta be listening to make sure you're playing with and around the beat, but never losing it.

People need the beat as much as any song needs the beat. People need to go to bed and get up at regular times, people need to have their little comfortable activities, they gotta brush their teeth, balance their checkbook, and have the food they like around. Then life, like music, starts to get fun and beautifulall at the same time. There's variation and improvisation and embellishment.

Or look at it this way. Once you master the beat, then you can master the rhythm. You can take the steady tap tap tap of life and turn it into something great in a sustainable way. BumpatA bumpatA bump bump bump BumpatA... The basic pattern of life gives way to a more complex pattern and itsinfinite from their baby. Beat, then rhythm, chords, and then the melody of your life is ready to be written.

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