Thursday, May 19, 2005

Red Women

What's up with those women that bask in the sun and heat lamps year round in order to turn themselves thye brightest shade of red possible. Maybe there is a sect of people in the world who find these women to be attractive, but I'm not one of them. And don't they know that later in life, they will shrivel up like prunes and look much older than their years.

These women always seem like there coming from or on their way to the beach too. They tend to be garbed in light, airy blouses and bright colors suitable to a day in the sun.

And what about the CANCER?

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Celanie Polanick said...

Hello. My name is Celanie Polanick, and I'm a red woman.
Well, not exactly: I'm pink. It's technically called rosacea, a baby-pink glow that's cute now, but teetering on the edge of ridiculous. If my genes turn out to be unlucky, it will make me a whole different kind of clown when I'm older. I saw a guy today whose head looked like an egg picked in beet juice. It was magenta. Blood sometimes looks magenta under white flesh.
I don't have any rational reason to think I will ever look like a beet-pickled egg; my mom is pinky-pink, but it looks no worse than your average sunburn. She couldn't care less. I, on the other hand, shell out big bucks for foofy medicated creams that MIGHT kill the pinkness, but probably won't. People call me Pinky sometimes, and I really, really hate that.
I'd probably cut off a finger if I knew it would make me look properly Caucasian instead of strawberry-flavored.
My point in all of this is that perhaps you never can tell how a woman got red, nor can you know how much she likes it or doesn't like it. But then again... maybe there's a sect of men who find that sort of thing attractive.
Maybe if I dress in gauzy beach attire...