Saturday, May 07, 2005

Minor disasters

I can't say I was dissapointed when the DVD I was watching stopped working just now. I wish I more often had the courage to turn off or leave bad movies. I was a little dissapointed this morning, though, when I went to get the starter on my car fixed, only to find out the engine is shot. So I guess I'm down the $22.50 for the ad in the Post-Gazette, as well as whatever portion of the $1400 I was asking I was going to get. That's my second mechanical failure in the space of a week, though this one was doing little other than sitting on the side of the road and collecting dust.

I also today had a guitar lesson which went pretty well. I have reached a critical juncture wherein my foot can tap at a different speed than my strum. Next stop, Graceland.

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erin said...

Sam DOES love you... he tells me all the time (and everyone for that matter)... I have such and such a game... my Uncle Andy gave it to me... he plays Zelda!

he thinks you are a demi-God... like C :-P