Friday, May 13, 2005

I've been saying it's a shame...

That the U.S. is punishing these soldiers for their alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners. In the government's effort to avoid blame, they have even made up charges to scapegoat get lowly enough officers that don't reflect too heavily on the government and army.

What do you expect from these people? You whip them into a frenzy, tell them the Muslims are trying to kill everyone, order them to "soften up" prisoners, AND PROVIDE ZERO TRAINING ON WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE. And then you punish them when they follow bad, vague orders?

What is going on here? Poor country bumpkins are getting jailed for a decade and low-level officers are losing their careers over "you should have known better and so should we but you get the punishment because you are closer top the abuse."

The whole army should fry for this shit, not individuals. They should be sued and the U.S. government should be sued, and these mistreated Iraqis should be free and rich.

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Write Your Wrong said...

Well, speaking of Marvel, in your previous entry that is.....

i haven't found the baseballs yet, but i DID find the book of Marvel collectors pogs that you gave me INCLUDING the double sided slammer you made.... yes, this is sad and WAY COOL. i will keep looking for your baseballs now that my back is starting to feel better. i love you.