Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's been a while, I know

But that is only because last week was so killer, and then I needed to rest up. Yesterday, Celanie and I came home to find the following things wrong with out apartment:

1) Our dresser was moved into a doorway
2) Our clothes, stuff, and drawers were pulled out of the closet
3) there was a gaping hole in the wall in the closet
4) The shower caddy and its million bottles of Celanie's various annointments were in a heap in the bottom of the shower
5) Pieces of the shower were strewn around bathroom
6) Our hot water was turned off

And all of this because we requested that the landlord fix the leaky faucet in the shower. Well, this is how the handyman left it after he couldn't find the right part to fix the ancient shower. And was there a note? Nope.

And when I showered this morning, after turning on the hot water from the valve in the closet, was the lady downstairs happy when she got a little rainstorm? Nope.

For this and many other reasons, we hope to leave this little hell hole behind us in coming months.


I'd also like to mention that the Rolling Stones are starting a new world tour, and that I plan to go to one of their shows, as well as one of Paul McCartney's. None of the more modern bands really have me that excited about seeing shows though. I think about the only one I'd want to see is Radiohead, and maybe Coldplay, though the latter is likely to be quite morose.


Here's another idea for basing a story or book around for me, since I've been thinking about fiction recently.

"It wasn't clear whether he lost his sight or his mind first, but as the bum sat rocking to the gospel music that emanated from his duct-taped boombox, his shadowed mind fought desperately to remember neither event."


My computer speakers at home are falling apart now. All of my equipment has begun to expire. And now I must work.


Check out Frank Black and the Catholics for some fun music.

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