Monday, May 16, 2005

It has begun

I have cleaned up the kitchen and put the starter together for the bread, so here I sit awaiting the opportune moment to add the salt and flour. I was briefly interrupted by someone asking to see the apartment, but I begged off, being in the middle of several things. One of the reasons I am baking bread is because my co-worker gave me a pair of very expensive opera tickets (to see Fidelio) and I feel that I must showmy gratitude in some way. I could usually get away with giving her a jar of sauce, but she has tomato allergies so I had to do something else.

I see more saucemaking and bread baking in my future, since Claudio will soon open some sort of small establishment/catering business, which will give us a kitchen to do some stuff. This will not be until the end of the summer though,so I will have plenty of time to get together all the marketing collateral, maybe set up a web site, and get a sense for exactly how much prepared foods we can get out of the place.

But this little independent venture will wait until I get a new laptop. I have to rationmy use of Celanie's to real work so she won't get mad at me for glomming on to her equipment. And there's no way I'm going to sit perched in the little red stool to work at my desktop pc. The final contenders are Dell, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba, basedon recommendations of friends and family, so now I'm going to make a spreadsheet and compare features and choose. The only requirements are 512 megs of RAM and at leasta 14 inch monitor. After that anything goes, within reason. If anyone has any very lucent advice left to give on the subject, I'm still listening.

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