Sunday, April 24, 2005

Wouldn't it be cool if...

my whole family had the same music recording software so that we could send project files around the country for additional tracking. To join the revolution, buy Cakewalk Home Studio. Very good software, very intuitive.

Last night I went to my upstairs neighbor's Mexican passover seder, but I think the emphasis was really on the wine. It was only a little blasphemous and we went through many of the prayers, plagues, the four questions, etc. The lamb shank had a stand-in: a paper towel roll with red tape.

Much fun was had by all, in many different ways. For instance, two dudes kept sneaking off to the bathroom together, and that of course can only portend so many activties. We had much fun with the singing and the eating. Celanie eventually arrived from covering some restaurant for her paper, and she got into a ridiculous argument with the nerdiest of Passover celebrants, which I heard about in the morning since I went to bed an hour or so after Celanie got home. The dude likes to carry guns in the legal way (like dad), but also adds insult to injury by embracing most of the right's extreme views. Celanie felt abused, which I'm sure she was. I learned to not talk to that guy too seriously the first time I met him. Can't like everyone I guess.

The rest of the people there were each a bit eccentric, but nothing that rubbed me the wrong way. The guy that brought an iPod and hooked it up to some speakers and provided the music. Isn't that neat.

Time to do a bit of work. Adieu.

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erin said...

I love you Jew brother.