Friday, April 15, 2005

My little Celanor

It also can give you a tremendous thirst, judging by the amount of ice water being gulped by his 15-year-old, flush-faced friend Celanie Polanick, who's just dropped out of a line of women that has been snaking all over the room.

Between gasps, the Squirrel Hill teen says she and her mom thought the Bulgarian dancing sounded like a fun new thing to try, and so they came over, took the free lessons before one dance and kept coming back.

"I wish I was Bulgarian," she says.


Celanie Polanick said...

Post something new already. I've read your blog three times since this went up.
Preferably something nice about me, and how awesome I am. That would do nicely.

Write Your Wrong said...

or about how awesomely awesome your baby sister is.

erin said...

or how awesomely awesome your big sister is.

(i agree with celanie... I have read this a hundred times!)