Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Must have been busy in reader-ville

I usually have several hits by the time I get to the office each morning, but nobody wanted to read this morning. While it may be a busy morning for you all, let me tell you it's pretty slow for me. I have plans to have lunch with Celanie in half an hour, but until I get the word from above, I don't have any projects to work on.

If nothing has materialized after lunch, I guess I'll go back to hacking up automation for my press monitoring duties. I think I'm going to concentrate less on scraping the websites, and more on parsing all the articles I collect. It seems like a sort of difficult problem to determine the subject of the article, though, so I'm still going to be limited in the automated observations I can make about a media clip. I can count each word and show the most common ones, but that won't be completely effective, so...

And I'm sure that sounds like blah blah blah, so for your entertainment I instead provide a list of songs that I would like to learn and seem within reach, and a list of things that I want.

Songs that I would like to be able to play on command soon:

She Loves You
A Hard Day's Night
Love Me Do
Yoshimi vs. The Pink Robots
Do You Realize
Rock 'n Roll Music
Uncle John's Band
3 Blues routines that I'm learning

Stuff that I want:

A new laptop
A new apartment
A better acoustic guitar
A black leather belt
My baseballs
Good speakers
Computer speakers for my office
Setting Free the Bears by John Irving
My Name is Charlotte by Tim Wolff
Paul McCartney Tickets
Someone to buy my car

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Write Your Wrong said...

oh crud, i really need to get on looking for those baseballs. I am sorry, between two jobs, matt moving home, and just EVERYTHING, i haven't even begun to look. within the next week i will be up in the attic like a worker bee looking for those signed balls. really, i will write it down right now.