Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just so you know, Dad...


He said the song Got To Get You Into My Life was "about pot - although everyone missed it at the time", and Day Tripper was "about acid".

He added it was "pretty obvious" that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was inspired by LSD, and other songs made "subtle hints" about narcotics.

----> I think it's interesting that George Martin denies the Lucy refernce to LSD on the anthology DVDs, but here's Paul setting the record straight. And I never knew about the "Got To Get You Into My Life" refernce. I'm definitely going to try and see Paul on his new tour. Damn loing-haired hippies.


The Tiniest Hippie said...

What is it with you and this whole drug fascination?

fillshe said...

hey man, i'm a hippie. and my hair isn't long, it's scraggly-fro. is that a word?