Thursday, April 07, 2005

I started the day with a headache

But things are starting to look up. I'm always gratified to turn on my computer and find a good selection of news. All too often it's the same stories as the day before, as legions of journalists rehash the latest celebrity crime, political bickering in Iraq, bankruptcy, and the inneffectual U.N. But the news today said that the world is making great leaps in medicine, philosophy, Iraq, even if the U.N is still floudnering under the leadership of a corrupt, incompetent leader.

Even though we roil against the capitalist might of pharmaceutical companies, they are doing wonderful things, even if some members of the medical community are floundering.

It seems that the Irish have more sense than Hezbollah, after greeting a call to politics with a cautious response instead of gun-waving like Hezbollah did.

Let's give it up for old burnt-face. He's a real hero; Reagan would have been proud.

And this woman is getting away with the crime of a lifetime.

There's so much more good stuff but I should be working by now. If you don't use all of Google's wonderful services you should. It's the best company in teh world. I use their Desktop search, news service, search engine, and alerts feature all the time.

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