Monday, April 25, 2005

Hear ye, hear ye, friends of Andrew and Celanie

We actually managed to clean up our apartment this weekend, so if you come and visit, you won't be subjected to the normal messy dungeon. On the heels of this miraculous spring cleaning and laundry effort, I feel revitalized -- I also managed to get some of my more laborious duties for work done. Having a nice, productive weekend always leads to a better week I think.

Maybe it was the energy that I felt this weekend that revitalized my interest in writing some fiction. I've started various stories, but I'm never happy enough with the first couple of pages to finish. I really need to take a page out of John Irving's book (pardon the pun) and just hash something out, and revise revise, revise. I was thinking that since my rock star years are a ways off, I should write a story or book about getting there, for inspiration.

Here's my first line. What do you think:

It wasn't the first day Andrew decided he was going to be a rock star, and it wouldn't be the last, but at least this time he had a guitar.


Celanie Polanick said...

"It wasn't the first time Celanie wanted to hit Andrew over the head with a skillet, and it wouldn't be the last... but at least now she had a skillet."

erin said...

wow celanie... i never knew how much we thought alike!

welcome to the family, sister.

FishingRodLady said...

why are the girls in this family always picking on andy?

erin said...

because... it is how our parents taught us to show affection :-P

love you mom and andy!