Monday, April 18, 2005


I meant to post an update to this thing this morning, knowing that web traffic tends to peak at the beginning of the week, and also after facing the wrath of sisters and Celanie, but I was a little busy. Here goes it now, since I'm waiting on the PR head to give me back my documents to make changes.

I've developed a taste for Advertising Age. It's a lot better than the normal trade rags like Supermarket News and VARS Business because it's not on long ad in of itself. Instead, it presents compelling data and an interesting story or two. But then again, maybe people in the VARS business like their publication too.

I also feel like my life is at full-speed right now, since I no longer seem to have the time to do all the things I'd like to do anymore. The things that are suffering right now are the dishes, the laundry, and my guitar practice. And I really should get moving on selling my car, since its just sitting and collecting dust at this point, but that's such a pain in the neck. Hopefully Claudio knows someone who wants it.

I did manage to make it to The Shins concert at CMU on Friday and a ballgame on Sunday. The Shins I liked in concert, but not so much their album. And at the baseball game, the weather was nice, but the food was not very friendly to me, nor were the Cubs friendly to the Pirates.

I started working on a new version of my ACEG song posted below. I cut out most of the strumming of the straight open chords, reversed the Emin and G, and brought up the tempo a bit. I'll have to get a website and start posting clips. Thanks to Uncle Mike for correcting my tab usage. I'll post an updated version of the tab when I get a chance.

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