Saturday, April 30, 2005

Disaster has struck

My laptop crapped out on me. I think the battery is dead. While I could just go buy a new battery, I am hesitant because my laptop is such a piece of crap anyways. It's 2-3 years old by now, and with Moore's law still holding steady, that puts me behind the game. So the temporary remedy has been to resucitate my dusty desktop. As I sit here typing this post on Celanie's Mac, I have a virus scan going on the other machine. The only real problem is using that computer is going to involve me sitting in the uncomfortable red stool that goes with the elevated desk that my PC rests on.

This turn of events gives me even more incentive to see if I can get a laptop issued from work, since I tend to do a lot fo work at home anyways. Otherwise, I guess I'll consider a new laptop or a new battery, or enduring the red chair for a few months until we leave this apartment and I can fix the furniture situation to accomodate the computer situation. I wonder if anyone wants to trade a good laptop for a Chevy Nova? Maybe for a busted laptop and a Nova?

Tonight Celanie and I are likely going to see my guitar teacher in a one-man-show on the CMU campus. He's being a nazi about his music though, as he discontinued the links to most of the songs on his website after he released his cd. Some still exist at

Before that though, if Celanie ever gets back from FOTR rehearsal, we willgo to the strip and buy some stuff so I can make a bunch of Tomato sauce. Maybe I can get a nice little side business going whereby I sell the sauce to friends and co-workers. My other business ideas include a .com where people email in their letters and I turn them into real letters on stationary and mail them out, and have various editing/consulting services available, as well as rock band.


Celanie Polanick said...

I agree that they should give you a work laptop. You do work at home pretty much every weekend, all weekend. If anyone from Elias/Savion is reading this, GIVE ANDREW A COMPUTER TO USE. He deserves one.

Celanie Polanick said...