Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The count down has begun

The race to see who gets the book is going to be decided today. I don't know if it was my promotion or what, but I had quite a spike in hits recently, but then again it was a lot of next-blogging so that's not very predictable. Here's some comments I got and blogs that surfed here. I skipped the people who post in foreign languages:

From Amerikan Propagandist. Maybe he's connected to the military history blog
I am reading in here. Or out there? I am reading right now. I was "Next Blogging" when I came upon your site. I figured, what the hell....I need to post stuff on other people's blogs and maybe they will check out my blog.I need to spread my propaganda. Check it out!If I am the one-thousandth (or something like that) then I would like you to surprise me. Also, did you really read all of "Infinite Jest" (it's in your favorite books section), that book is like a million pages or something with freaking footnotes in a fiction novel (alright, kinda redundant, sorry).Peace

---->Yes, I read Infinite Jest, twice. It is a very good book. I'm slightly known for buying people copies of that book. Only one guy I was fgriends with read it, but I'm not talking to him right now because he likes to be irresponsible and immature.

From Fillshe, some dude who is very artistic. I respect the desire to have two copies of one book.
i'm blog surfing right now. i haven't done this in months. i typically stick to 2 or 3 that i feel i can manage to find time to read the updates on a semi-daily basis. but i was just wondering what else is on there when i came across yours.should i be so lucky as to be your 1,000 visitor, i'm going to ask you buy this book off amazon called "sex, lies, and cocoa puffs". it's written by some guy who used to write for rolling stones magazine. truth be told, i already own the freaking book (i would have said fucking but then who knows if your family is reading this... also i realize i just wrote fucking but whatever, swear words were meant to be used in times of crisis).so i have the book, but i have yet to read any of it as i am just not motivated to read. but maybe if i had TWO copies, i'd have twice the chance to do so. or twice the desire. or something. wait, who's kidding who?

And some woman names Lani who likes my dad's collection of sex quotes
Those quotes are hilarious!


A crazy military blog, but a neat top story about the kid with the rwb bracelet

A woman who lives in Alaska, she seems to have a neat job and goes to school there too

A fourteen year old girl who probably gets lots of creepy comments from old people

This person talks about pubs and seem overly analytical of life, must be British

My past state haunts me. Here's Tiffany from Katy, Texas. I wonder if she knows one of my sisters

So it seems that women from all over the world, of all ages, read my blog. Time to get jealous Celanie! And watch out for any suspicious trips to anchorage.

What I really wanted to talk about today, before I got carried away exploring my readership, is that I think the whole idea of public discourse and the media is rapidly changing with information technology. The blogsphere is one thing making its mark in the world of public messaging, but newspapers are also going to have to adapt, or risk becoming obsolete.

My buddy Brad and I were arguing about various news services and he decried Reuters as biased. My side of the argument is that news services and papers must increasingly embrace their bias and stop trying to cover it up with so-called "journalistic ethics." Let's face it, no one is unbiased. And it becomes a moot issue to try and show an unbiased point of view to people like me who read hundreds of different newspapers via the Internet (particularly Google news). It's easy to spot the bias. It's easy to spot the techniques used to cover it up. And it's easy for me to get a good picture of a story by reading a dozen stories that are vastly different. I believe I learn from what people think, so I hope journalist's will increasingly share their own thoughts.


fillshe said...

in case i actually get the book, i would honestly rather not get the same copy twice. that would just be dumb.

i once went to pitts to visit a college friend in her home town. she lived just outside of pitts but technically i think you can put pitts on an envelope and it'll still end up at her casa. anyway, when i was there, we went to this place called Dirty O's that had a box of fries about the size of a lawnmower engine. it was great. i think we only got through a third.

MavRyx said...

Talk about pubs and am overly analytical of life.

Guilty on both counts.


Nope - unfortunately off the mark on that one.

No idea how a link to my blog popped up here, but just found it - its a small world after all.

Your blog makes for some great reading. Cheers!