Saturday, March 19, 2005

My battles with a Candian journalist!

I'm glad the subtle irony isn't lost on you, but a bit dissapointed
that you would dodge the the main thrust.



Mr. Johnson:
I will let others judge whether I am overpaid, but the facts of my life do
not support an accusation of being a drunken colunnist.
I am a light to moderate drinker, but I don't iimbibe at all when I'm
Just thought I'd throw that out there since you put the issue of dishonesty
on the table.
John MacKinnon


In the pursuit of rhetorical flourish...
you badly maimed the facts on which you tried to rest your arguments.
I read your recent column ("Confess already, you baseball dopes,"
March 19) in The Edmonton Journal regarding baseball players' and
other rich peoples' lack of honor. Unfortunately, while I am rabidly
anti-steroids and believe that people like Bernard Ebbers should face
even greater punishment for claiming ignorance about actions he was
required to know about, you still have not supported the following
claims, which reveal your article for what it is, the drunken ranting
of an overpaid columnist.

"It's hard to discern who is emulating whom, but it's safe to say that
qualities such as honour, honesty, forthrightness and integrity are
rare to the point of extinction among elites in many sectors of
society, not just professional sports."

Just because the media makes a circus of a few high-profile cases
doesn't mean that this is the prevailing behavior. I object to this
statement based on my training in statistics, journalism, and logic. I
can say at the absolute very least that your conclusions don't follow
from your premises. And before you penned this statement, you failed
to even listen to or read about the congressional hearings:

"Compared to the disgraceful and irresponsible evasiveness of Mark
McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Curt Schilling and Jose Canseco,
there was a certain smarmy consistency in Barry Bonds' posturing on
the subject of steroids at a news conference earlier in spring

If you had heard even the most popular sound bytes, you would know
several of those players (Sosa, Palmeiro, and Schilling) did not
equivocate at all about their steroid use. They proclaimed their
innocence, under oath.

Your column is worse than the tripe I used to have to edit from
college columns, and more dishonest that any of the people you so
brazenly cast stones at.

Andrew Johnson

P.S. I am requesting that you post a correction retracting the two
statements I listed above.

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