Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Musical Me

I was gratified at my guitar lesson yesterday, when after showing my teacher a chord progression I liked, he improved it a bit and said he might have to steal it. In my efforts to add B Major (and other A-major shape barre chords) to my repertoire, I started playing B->D->E->G. He explained to me that these chords sort of fit together because I was playing two chords from Emin and two from E. If I remember correctly, he swapped out the D for an A (so B->A->E->G) keeping three chords in E major. And then he hummed a nice melody over it.

If you are musically inclined, give them a whirl. I suppose there are other similar sounding sequences combining other major and minor keys.

And now I'm really looking forward to this weekend, when we may have a little jam session. I need to get a bit better on some twelve bar blues progressions, working on my 7th chords.

Ruthie, you should play some blues.

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Write Your Wrong said...

you know what, just for that, i think i will... maybe if i pick my dusty guitars back up, and take a whirl, i will find that i can do something with them. i guess i have had too much on my mind these days to pay any attention what so ever to playing, so maybe i will relax a little if i grab 'er and give 'er a whirl. i'll try out some of that blues stuff, and maybe if it works out, we can play some together this summer when i come visit. i miss you guys a lot, and i am really happy you and i finally have something in common. love you. -ruthie