Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I'd like to ask all my loyal readers to refrain from eating at the Cheesecake (aka RipOff) Factory until such time as I resolve my legal difficulties with them. Last summer, I did about a month's worth of construction work for the new Pittsburgh location, along with my friends Claudio and Michael. Unfortunately, despite our lawyer sending letters to the subcontractor who hired us -- Combined Design in Las Vegas -- and the Cheesecake Factory itself, there has been no action taken by these assholes. They owe us a total of about $4k. Obviously, Combined Design is counting on us being unable to do anything about it. They're denying a couple of broke recent college grads and a working man with kids and a mortgage of a few measly dollars, that we all could have desperately used last summer. You see, we naively believed we'd be able to pay for rent, and mortgage, and student loans, and other bills by DOING HARD WORK.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to be ripped off by a bunch of Vegas hoods after I smeared nasty black tar all over the Factory's roof and sanded down every inch of the facade of that building, operating equipment I was untrained to use. I was burned by the tar (my skin was bubbling -- just ask Celanie), I inhaled terrible fumes, was provided no masks or gloves, and did I make a stink?

No, I just want my damn pay, and I don't want to give a lawyer half to get the other half. Please tell any media people you know. I can be reached for comment at 412-758-9786.

Call Combined Design at (702) 247-9490 and tell them what you think of their low-life actions. I'm going to compile a media list of hundreds of publications and tell everyone.

Maybe they should pay workers.

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