Monday, March 21, 2005

C is for cookie

I spent most of the weekend contented, gorging myself on Thin Mints and Caramel Delights (oh, I'm sorry, I'm in Yankee-land, so Samoas). When the jig was up, my stomach rumbled a bit, but I knew that was the price I had to pay. Unfortunately, no cookies were available for sale today in my building, so if anyone sees an errant girl scout, tell her Andrew wants cookies in Pittsburgh, asap.

In real news, I hope this indecision by the new judge in the Schiavo case indicates him leaning towards letting that woman die. One more strike against the Christian right, making a federal case out of this ordeal. Where were these slimy politicians seven years ago, before the spotlight was turned on? Probably barking up some other publicity tree.

And my advice for the week. Buy a bullet proof vest, and lock up your children. Beause people are nuts, and all I read about in the news these days is rape, molestation, robbery, and murder (mass or otherwise).

Here's some song lyrics:

You and me were alive
Gliding through the sky
Soaring so high

Colors seemed so bright
That look in your eye
Couldn't find tomorrow

We followed the light
Built wings for flight
And met only sorrow

Colors seemed so bright
That look in your eye
Couldn't find tomorrow

Baby, come on back.
You haven't the knack.
For losing yur senses.

The colors, their too bright
They're burning my eyes.
When is tomorrow?


Goodsoul said...

Ahmmm.... I said I love digital photography especially the female form. But nude is fine. In fact, the overwhelming consensus would be that the only crime committed in liking women, especially nude women in my case, is that were it not for that foible in my character, I would not have three children and two step-children, all of whom do their Darn'dest to spread uneven truths about me....

I'll swear in court, hand still on Bible, that there are no finer works of art then nude women. For all I know, God is a drop-dead :c) gorgeous woman standing nude in heaven this very minute, grinning as I write! Does anybody know if angels wear clothes?
Now, if I said I liked to look at nude girls, or egad, nude boys, or had I ever hung a baby over a balcony, built a "Neverland" for
sleep-overs with adolescents, altered my nose without the help of someone's fist or wore surgical masks for the press, then I would expect them to indict me.
I can't say I agree with every thing our elected President has decided.

I don't like the burden that the war in Iraq has placed on the American people and its allies.

I feel especially saddened for the families of those who have lost loved ones, on either side, for any reason.

I don't like the degree of unilateralism which to this day has not proven justified based on any previously claimed preeminent danger.

I have been disappointed in the self-righteous defense of such actions when it is, in my humble opinion, in greater defense of our country and the world, to build a legitimate democracy in the nations of the world, before we strike at a foreign regime, however oppressive, and justify that action on the basis of bringing democracy to the world, one defeated country at a time.
I've never seen Mr. Bush drunk, but I bet he likes nude women. Either way, we might have greater insight if he would consider penning (Penning? Well, whatever!) a Whitehouse Blog!

In fact, all 1st term Presidents should be required to blog three times a week, at least two paragraphs (under the scrutiny of Howard Stern, to insure that press aides or interns don't do the writing for them).
For anyone else interested in interesting stuff (but only after reading The Darn News :cO ), check out StumbleUpon (click the link in the bright kid's blog).

StumbleUpon is not a blog host or site. It is a free (in the full sense of the word: no fees, no-spying, no-spamming) web-site user rating and sharing facility and community.

I say this, and *donated* $20.00 because I like it, not for some other pecuniary interest.

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Goodsoul said...

Love the lyric!
Save this comment: It is my public wish to never be kept alive, whether conscious or not, in a vegetative state, a prisoner in a body that serves the willful far more than the willing.