Friday, February 25, 2005

Online ads

If companies want to sell online ads, they should at least have a little basic information to provide about their website. Better yet, you'd think that information would be available on said websites. Nothing fancy, but it stands to reason that a company should make the following readily available:

1. Ad types
2. Ad rates
3. Site traffic data

It would be even better if these sites had some sort of standards to make the business of buying ads less of a safari. Standard ad types for comparison and maybe even an independent audit would do a lot for the industry.


Do you find yourself cheering for Bush nowadays? He's getting a lot of positive press coverage. Where once he grimaced in mainstream left-leaning newspapers, now he smiles. "Secret" tapes have "confirmed" he's no more or less than he says. And the media is heralding him as the prophet of democracy.


My mommy is visiting today from Houston. First time ever! What to eat?

Did you know that in the 60s Vienna had about a million and a half people, and over 300 coffee shops? And that Gustav Klimt worked for two years on a fresco, only to call it Schweinsdreck? I think you can figure out what swine’s dreck means if you don’t know any German. I’ll leave the other of John Irving’s anecdotes to the Hotel New Hampshire…


Site to avoid: Pro-abortion indeed, hmpf. Email and tell them to get rid of this propaganda from


Celanie Polanick said...

This is where we went to school. It's a hotbed of hostility, directed from everyone to everyone.
On a completely unrelated note, we ran into CMU's President Jared Cohon at the airport last night. He didn't know me, but he said Andrew looked great in his suit — which was true.

Write Your Wrong said...

i will never get over how you are "andrew" now.. hehehe...

and i, your baby sister, will visit for the first time this summer, and i expect there to be a yay post, or a what to eat post about me! just joshin ya! i love you andY.

Goodsoul said...

Forget the baby sister - she needs to get a job. :c)

On the other hand, some of us who have worked so long that we forgot what a small nest egg and no job really means, will be there.