Thursday, February 03, 2005

No rhyme or reason

Well, I didn't really surf up any good pages today. But, if you know anything about good poetry, then you will know this is really bad.

She enters like a freighter
Turkish stands lightly, eyes aloft
And fidgets with vigor.
She exits with a sudden bang.

Fleeting image in snowy weather
She wafts around, never still.
Moving abruptly in a gust
But gliding on the way.

Slowly up the stairs. Never warm?
But you can see the ruddy glow,
scarf removed, and cute hat doffed.
A smile? Also fleeting, it should last.

Deep inside, burning through, fiery red
Dream that she might be.

1 comment:

Celanie Polanick said...

Um... who is this poem about?
Your Loving Fiancee