Monday, February 14, 2005


Here's an interesting tidbit I totally agree with, but never thought of. I hope I'm the boss some day so I can roll out the toys:

The right toys for the right meeting

Certain types of meetings (brainstorming, strategic planning) benefit from props: toys, games or food that subtly let attendees know you want them to relax. Carefully select from a variety of quiet items that keep the fingers active and free the mind: Silly Putty, magnetic marbles, Koosh balls, trail mix or M&Ms. Never implement a strategic meeting without these fun ingredients. By the same token, such creative props should not be used if the gathering's purpose is to deliver bad news. The contrast between the toys and trauma undermines your sincerity. Also avoid allowing the fun to dominate the meeting. Participants should label a meeting "fun" because of their connection to colleagues, not diversion activities.

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FishingRodLady said...

Does this mean that I shouldn't serve M&M's when I fire people?