Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lunch time muse

Did you know that advert is a word?

And Grantz got a job here. He's king web writer. Follow closely to see if he can improve their pages and increase frivolous lawsuits in PA.

I really like the lo mein at the Chinese Express on Liberty because, like me, they use semolina noodles indstead of the standard Chinese egg noodles. I asked the woman who runs the joint and she told me it's because they are less mushy, which is why I use them at home too. Now if just the rest of the Chinese world would embrace the idea of a little Italian fusion.

When I stir-fry, I like to use ginger, soy sauce, black bean paste, salt, pepper, and rice wine vinegar. The vinegar really highlights the taste of the black bean paste while mitigating the spiciness.

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