Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Faux Beatles

I saw 1964: The Tribute last night at the Benedum. And it would have been well worth the $30 dollar tickets if Celanie hadn't gotten them for free so she could review it for the Daily Snooze. These guys have been doing these shows for 21 years now, and the venue was packed (with old people). But there was also a broad demogaphic represented.

The guys have practiced; the mannerisms and the music are right on target. They played a 2-hour set, but the songs I really enjoyed were And Your Bird Can Sing, This Boy, Day Tripper, She Loves You, In My Life, and Chuck Berry's classic Rock 'n Roll Music. Not to say every song wasn't fun and well-done. They play songs well past 1964, they screamed like The Beatles, and people really got into George's solos.

Combine that with me having my first guitar lesson in months last Thursday, and I am pretty psyched about music for now.

The coolest link I've come across in ages is If you know anything about the unordered networking behind the Internet, you'll really like this site and the Google Set Vistas link towards the bottom. If you don't, you'll still think its cool. My dad showed it to me when I was talking to him about some web cataloguing programming I was thinking about doing.

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