Sunday, February 06, 2005

Double speak

Because I couldn't decide what to write, I'm posting another gem I had long forgotten. Very lame, but at least this one won't get me into trouble. But, if you prefer comic double talk to bad poetry, then read what Bloomberg has to say about his homophobia.

And give Dain a visit if you like politics. He, like many other zombies, decided to vote for George after he watched too much television. As for me, each day I thank George for reviving the economy enough to supply me with a good job, on the backs of the world's poor, in the name of freedom.

I walk alone on the sidewalk
That meanders to my home.
The broken snow crunches below
And my breath hangs frozen in the moonlight.

Home beckons from a distance,
and I trudge down the hill.
Around the corner people stir,
And shake the night's reverie.

The gas station's light sheds warmth
And the air blows by cooly
and people mill restlessly
Cigarettes freshly bought.

The glow warms my shoulders,
The conversation blows warmly by my ear.
Icy air whirls deflected
And I shed my coat as the corner approaches.

Wind tingles cooly through my sweater's pores
And I want to feel the cold
Through my shirtsleeves.
It tingles but does not chill.

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