Monday, January 31, 2005

Wandering the web

I used to eat a lot of these, but in recent years I have been making my own. Perhaps the lack of site updates indicates the frozen pizza is going the way of the dodo bird, despite industry rulings that help better classify meat pizzas...


"Its origins are lost somewhere in the stone age, long before history was recorded. Anthropologists can only guess how it happened, and their guesswork goes something like this: once, in the camp of some nomadic hunter-gatherers, there was a supply of wild grain, painstakingly collected for food. Somehow, possibly in a sudden rainstorm, a pool of warm water formed where the grain was stored. In a short time the grain fermented, turning the water into a thick dark liquid. Some adventurous soul among these primitive people sampled the liquid, and found that it tasted good."


How can your company best capitalize on alcohol abuse, loneliness, and consumer products? Read here for the latest details on those dying baby boomers.

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