Friday, January 28, 2005

Smoke and Dollars

This story is the best one I've found about a fad/trend among employers to force their workers to quit smoking. Of course, the ACLU is ticked off, but they get mad if someone shoots a burglar.

Smokers use a disproportionate amount of healthcare services and funds, but civil liberties proponents point out that smoking is legal, so employers should not be able to tell an employee they can't indulge outside of the workplace.

It's a load of garbage, all of it. You can't try and make up lost healthcare dollars by regulating behavior.

What you should do is deny healthcare for smoking related illnesses, on all levels. People should be able to smoke, but non-smokers shouldn't pay for it.

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Goodsoul said...

So... Why exactly are we spending billions on AIDS research and treatment?

Perhaps if you go far enough to the right there's nothing left.