Thursday, January 27, 2005

Don't read this if...

You're kind of a snob.
You like war.
You don't like games.
You don't like news.
You don't like music.

Here's where I work.

Here's where I schooled because I didn't get in here. Bastards.

Here's what I read:,,

Here's what I like: Guitars, blues, The Beatles, John Irving, chess, poker, writing, and a little marketing.

Here's why I blog: I often want to crack a joke about an email that I get, but it would be interpreted as wasting time. I come across interesting links when I do market research and wish to share. I like to criticize newspapers, coverage, and events. I'm funnier than you.

Coming soon: A photo of me, my fiancée Celanie, and witty commentary...

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