Monday, January 31, 2005

Another buddy's music

Steve Goldberg plays in the Carnegie Mellon jazz band. Listen to a few of his rock tunes that he sold himself into slavery one summer to produce. I think he got a guitar too, but I don't know what he had to do for it...

He likes Weezer, The Beatles, and The Flaming Lips. Can you tell?

Wandering the web

I used to eat a lot of these, but in recent years I have been making my own. Perhaps the lack of site updates indicates the frozen pizza is going the way of the dodo bird, despite industry rulings that help better classify meat pizzas...


"Its origins are lost somewhere in the stone age, long before history was recorded. Anthropologists can only guess how it happened, and their guesswork goes something like this: once, in the camp of some nomadic hunter-gatherers, there was a supply of wild grain, painstakingly collected for food. Somehow, possibly in a sudden rainstorm, a pool of warm water formed where the grain was stored. In a short time the grain fermented, turning the water into a thick dark liquid. Some adventurous soul among these primitive people sampled the liquid, and found that it tasted good."


How can your company best capitalize on alcohol abuse, loneliness, and consumer products? Read here for the latest details on those dying baby boomers.

The Window of Perception

One of the most common things I heard out of my parents' mouths growing up was "think before you speak." It was some of their better advice, and I only wish I was more adept at carrying it out. Of course, it's not as big a deal for me as some, who think they are above the normal bounds of political correctness. With over 250 million television sets in the U.S., you can't just go saying Sally is dumber than Johnny anymore.

Jacko would have done well to let someone else do his thinking for him in his documented remarks defending sleeping with other people's children. And that asshole better take the stand, innocent or guilty. Whether he’s Bo Diddley, or just the pretender he claims, he needs to reassure us all that a celebrity is accountable.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


This is Celanie and me before I cut my hair my hair. I wanted to post a picture of her alone, but she objected. Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Sauce

I made the sauce again tonight. Five quarts worth of Italian tomato goodness. The key to good sauce is shopping at a wholesaler so you can make the best sauce in the world for cheaper than the crap in the supermarket called Prego and Ragu. You don't need sugar in a good sauce.

The key to a good pasta sauce is a few ingredients: fresh basil, peccorino romano, imported tomatoes, and imported olive oil. Do whatever you wish from there.

I like some banana peppers, cubanella peppers, onion, and garlic. And I'll finish tonights meal with sauteed mushrooms and spinach.

Barilla makes the best dry pasta.


Wow. I spent the latter half of this movie trying to decide how the director was going to end it. I could only think of cheesy possibilities, so I prepared myself for the despair that would come when the wrap-up destroyed 2 hours of sympathy and laughter. The ending was grrrreat!

And it was the best movie I've seen in a while. The whole audience was roaring; I think this movie is a sleeper hit. All you need is a little sympathy for a drunk, a little tolerance for a man trying to get laid a few times before his wedding, and the good sense to listen to some interesting philosophy on grapes and wine from self-styled sommeliers.

I hated The Aviator. Don't steal from your mother.

Friday, January 28, 2005


First person to post a google whack as a response gets a free lunch.

Smoke and Dollars

This story is the best one I've found about a fad/trend among employers to force their workers to quit smoking. Of course, the ACLU is ticked off, but they get mad if someone shoots a burglar.

Smokers use a disproportionate amount of healthcare services and funds, but civil liberties proponents point out that smoking is legal, so employers should not be able to tell an employee they can't indulge outside of the workplace.

It's a load of garbage, all of it. You can't try and make up lost healthcare dollars by regulating behavior.

What you should do is deny healthcare for smoking related illnesses, on all levels. People should be able to smoke, but non-smokers shouldn't pay for it.

License plates, car crashes, and the early days

I'm doing some research that took me to the SAE's website. And to save myself from my mind-numbing compilation of web information, I read some interesting stuff here. I wonder if people anticipated that eventually you wouldn't have to change your oil every 500 miles, or that we'd need license plates and police to stop people from killing each other with their model Ts.

Words you may not know

You really should know all the two letter words (96) if you are going to play Scrabble. And don't think you're even close to good (I'm not) until you know all the three- and four- letter words too. And AIENERT is an important stem.

People get indignant in Scrabble when you play a word, they challenge it, and you have no clue what it means. They get even madder when you admit you are gambling on the word. Here are some words that came up in my game. I won't say who played what.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

A little local music

A friend of mine has been playing various gigs in Pittsburgh. He plays in many bands, and this is one of his rock 'n roll outfits. Here is a link to his song page. I especially like Sweetland. Keep in mind the singer is pretty bad, the violinist is new, and the recordings suck. But I still think Sweetland is good enough to be on my playlist with the big boys like Clapton and Lennon. The violinist is a music performance major at CMU, and the drummer just got kicked to the curb.

I think Winamp leaks memory.

Don't read this if...

You're kind of a snob.
You like war.
You don't like games.
You don't like news.
You don't like music.

Here's where I work.

Here's where I schooled because I didn't get in here. Bastards.

Here's what I read:,,

Here's what I like: Guitars, blues, The Beatles, John Irving, chess, poker, writing, and a little marketing.

Here's why I blog: I often want to crack a joke about an email that I get, but it would be interpreted as wasting time. I come across interesting links when I do market research and wish to share. I like to criticize newspapers, coverage, and events. I'm funnier than you.

Coming soon: A photo of me, my fiancée Celanie, and witty commentary...